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Labels Present Products

Your product can’t talk, so it can’t wink at a shopper overwhelmed by choice or jump off the shelf into the shopping cart all by itself. So how is your product supposed to declare its exclusivity? Quite simply: by its label.

Today, label making is one of the most promising areas of promotional printing. After all, it is a universal advertising medium – one that helps convey information about the product and distinguish it from other products for the consumer. Label making is a sought-after segment of advertising industry.

At OKIL-SATO making labels, including self-adhesive and heat-shrink varieties, is our core business. We supply our products to 20% of all companies on the Russian market.

Label Making: Leave It To Professionals

Do you want to just print labels or do you want to see results? Printing labels is a labor-intensive, high-tech process that demands professionalism, creativity and, naturally, availability of cutting-edge equipment.

OKIL-SATO has all of the above. For our printing facility, printing labels represents high art that we work tirelessly on a daily basis to perfect. For our clients OKIL-SATO products represent an opportunity for effective product promotion.

Label printing. Technology & originality

Our printed products have been used by clients throughout Russia and Europe. At OKIL-SATO, label manufacturing is a process that makes use of cutting-edge technologies. Perforation, lamination, hot stamping, hot- and cold-foiling – we use traditional technologies and develop our own. What’s more, we can support production of personalized or coded labels.

We have confidence in ourselves, and our clients – several hundred Russian companies as well as multinational corporations – have confidence in us. After all – when it comes to label printing, OKIL-SATO is always there to offer the most attractive solution!

Benefits of working with us

  • If you’re interested in more than just the fabrication of labels and want a specific result as well, OKIL-SATO printing is exactly what you need. At our enterprise, labels are printed by our highly-skilled, professional, creative employees using the industry’s most state-of-the art equipment.
  • At OKIL-SATO, you can place a label-printing order and get a high-quality result that lets you successfully promote the products you’re in the business of manufacturing or selling. By ordering the printing of your labels from OKIL-SATO, you’re making the right choice in terms of boosting your advertising effectiveness and brand recognition.
  • Our print-works handles the printing of labels for both domestic and European companies. We use only the latest and most cutting-edge printing technologies in our operations, and we’re even making strides in the development of our own methods.
  • OKIL-SATO printing can handle orders for different types of labels: self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeve labels,in-mould labels,  special labels  and promo-labels. Examples of finished work and printing technologies are available for your perusal on this website.


We are waiting for you in Moscow at the exhibition "RosUpack 2021"

Label fabrication for the hookah industry

Hookah Exhibition 2021 (Hookah Club Show) in St. Petersburg