Beverage labels

One of the most mass-market segments has its own target customers and types of decoration, which depend, among other things, on the type of bottle.

Labels for glass containers:

  • using of special materials for high-speed lines;
  • using of labelling adhesives for use on products such as moist bottles, or labels with an invisible effect;
  • shrink sleeve labels;
  • application of thermochromic inks which change color under certain temperature conditions;
  • inks that glow under UV light or have a luminescent effect;
  • washable labels for recyclable containers.

Labels for PET containers:

  • wrap-around offset-printed labels, gravure printing, flexo, or digital printing, depending on your choice;
  • double-sided self-adhesive or polypropylene labels, and stencil or foil stamping finishes can be applied;
  • digital printing – HP Smart Stream Mosaic technology is used to personalize products. Millions of unique designs can be made for a single product line.

Labels for large-capacity canisters:

  • application of transparent films;
  • lamination to protect against rubbing;
  • personalization available.

Labels for special marking:

  • labels with fair mark QR codes;
  • tamper evident labels;
  • labels for promotional activities.