Beverage labels

Beverages enter the retail sales market both in the FMCG sector, as well as in the premium segment.  The choice of segment determines the constraints in terms of label-production cost and lot size. OKIL-SATO will help you develop the perfect label design and choose just the right material and printing method for each of your assigned tasks.  



We can print orders: 

  • from a single label to an unlimited number of labels;
  • from a simple monotone label to a high-tech label with any combination of printing methods (flex, offset, stencil, deep) and finishing processes (blocking, stamping, hologramming).



OKIL-SATO has different options for printing bottled-water labels:


  • self-adhesive film-backed labels (on polyethylene, polypropylene) and paper-backed labels;
  • heat-shrinking labels;
  • backless round labels made of oriented materials;
  • digital printing, which makes it possible to fabricate labels in small runs for promotional campaigns conducted for the purposes of market research. 



Unique capabilities of OKIL-SATO:


  • Printing of labels for returnables – printing-technology know-how offered by OKIL-SATO.  This type of label is popular for large water bottles sized 20 liters or more.
  • Labels with printing on the reverse adhesive side, which are most often found in the case of premium-class water.
  • Use of thermochromic inks with a pigment that changes when exposed to temperature fluctuation from its original colored appearance to colorless and back again, as well as thermochromic inks with a broader scope of capabilities, which vary between one color and another.   This unique feature is used for added control over the temperature of chilled beverages during hot spells.
  • Use of HP Smart Stream Mosaic technology for product personalization. This makes it possible to execute millions of unique designs for a single product line.



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