Roll-Fed labels


An alternative to the self-adhesive labels

The roll-fed (wrap-around) label today occupies a significant segment of the total amount of packaging printed materials as an inexpensive alternative to self-adhesive labels. In Russia, roll-fed (wrap-around) labels are often used for drinks in plastic packaging.

As the roll-fed label replaces the self-adhesive label, it retains the visual value of the image. In addition to its high endurance of mechanical, chemical and temperature influences, the roll-fed label also helps maintain the high visual quality of the image.

One of the important advantages of the roll-fed (wrap-around) label is its larger area. This allows much more information to be placed on the label as compared to the self-adhesive type.

The roll-fed labels are printed on white, transparent, pearl or metalized polypropylene film. The polypropylene film has important advantages over polyethylene and polyester – it is resistant to moisture, highly durable, and friction-resistant. It is also beautifully glossy, white and transparent.

Roll-fed (wrap-around) labels are printed using offset, rotogravure and digital printing methods, depending on technical requirements, costs and the requirements of our customers.




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