About us


the year the company foundation in St. Petersburg


highly qualified

22 100

m2 - total factories area

16 800

m2 - main area
in St. Petersburg


of our share of the Russian labeling market

Our mission

To create and provide new value for our customers by providing superior products and services, and to contribute to a better and more sustainable world.

We’re more than a company, we’re a social organization.
Our mission is to make life more fulfilling as we promote a sustainable world.

We put all our effort into production.

Our vision

We’re committed to being a leading company with an excellent reputation in creating labels and automatic identification solutions all over the world. We strive to exceed our clients’ reputation in this ever-changing world.

At the core of our business is attaching both feelings and information to products, thereby creating value for our clients and their clients in turn. We aim for the value we create to provide accuracy and sustainability, save money on labor and other resources, increase confidence, and build emotional connections.

We strive to maximize our company’s value (both tangible and intangible). We don’t measure our value by the size of the company, but by the degree of our clients’ and shareholders’ confidence.

Our mission

Customer policy

Responsiveness. Always online!

OKIL-SATO printing house is a customer-oriented company. In other words, our operations are set up in such a way so as to provide our customers with consistently high-quality products at the best possible price and within agreed timescales, taking into account individual requirements.

Innovations in management. Automation of production and all processes.

Working effectively with IT solutions plays a vital role in terms of the management solutions that have made OKIL-SATO one of today’s market leaders in self-adhesive label production. Our integrated ERP system makes a huge contribution to the effective interaction between all of our company’s services, enabling the production process to be regulated at all stages.

Sales. Mutual understanding is crucial.

OKIL-SATO sales service consists of world-class professionals providing comprehensive support to customers. Our support includes giving advice, recommending certain materials or technologies, optimizing prices by taking advantage of our entire range of equipment, and helping make plans for cooperation with clients and other companies.

Personnel. Professionalism and dedication.

At OKIL-SATO printing house, staff payment is based on the personal interest of each employee in our common success. Besides ongoing employee training, for us, mentoring is one of our core principles, allowing experienced professionals to pass on their knowledge to new staff. We’re very confident in our personnel strategy since we have next to no staff turnover; most of the specialists who joined OKIL-SATO many years ago still work with us today.