A self-adhesive label is one of the most important components of your product’s image – it shows its personality. It is not only about providing helpful and practical information about the product’s ingredients and designation – it also holds an emotional component. In most cases, the label helps the customer in solving a choice problem, stimulates impulse buying and even ensures that the customer takes pleasure in purchasing. Possessing an item that is labelled in a beautiful, fashionable and bright manner enhances the customer’s self-esteem.

Self-adhesive labels are of great value to your product design, so, it is very important to be aware of particularities and features of their different kinds.


Containers for different products – be they alcoholic products, cosmetics, automobile chemicals, groceries or something else – require different kinds of label:


Some of which will ideally fit the shape of a container, while others enable the use of unconventional printing processes or non-standard materials, or attract the attention through their low cost. Each technology has unique features that are suitable for particular kinds of product. Self-adhesive labels should: remain bright in changing temperature conditions; ensure that the picture does not distort during shrinking; not lose shape during transportation of labelled cans, bottles or boxes; serve as an additional means of product protection; and also perform an advertising function. This is why labelling is a very complex, knowledge-intensive process that demands care and responsibility.

Label making — is one of the most popular and, at the same time, rapidly-developing areas of the contemporary printing industry. In their search for new means of protecting trademarks against counterfeiting and also new competitive tools, industry representatives are constantly producing new labelling methods and technologies. In order to master advanced technologies and provide customers with a wide spectrum of labels, significant resources are necessary: investment resources; equipment; production areas.

Ideal business partner. Ideal label.

OKIL-SATO — is one of few printing companies that are truly capable of implementing new technologies. The company prints high-quality labels using advanced equipment and innovative technologies. OKIL-SATO’s specialists know the market inside out and are always willing to recommend the most appropriate technology for use when printing self-adhesive labels.

Just tell us how you imagine an ideal label for your product. We will help you define which label suits your product best. A self-adhesive label, a shrink sleeve label, a in-mould label, a special label, a digital labelpromo label — all of these state-of-the-art labels are available to you!


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