Your promo label will help get your product into customers’ shopping basket.
OKIL-SATO guarantees it!

A promo label is an indispensible advertising tool that will grab customers’ attention, focus it on your product and distract them from other brands.


Your No. 1 Goal: Introducing a new product on the market and gauging customer interest.
Your Solution: A promo label

Say a new product is added to your line: deodorant that with a scent like a night in Hollywood, perhaps, or a savoury Mexican beer, a tiramisu-flavored soda, or something else. Your customers know and appreciate your brand but they are also used to a certain taste or quality. How do you make them try, say, the croutons with blooms of mold famed in Provence? You can use a promo label.


Your No. 2 Goal: You need to increase customer interest in your product or brand (especially before the holidays or during peak season).
Your solution: A promo label

Long before New Year’s, Mother’s Day or School Day rolls around, you need to remind your customers of yourself and attract their attention to your product. Why not involve your customers in a game, contest or charity event? A promo label will come in handy!


Your No. 3 Goal: You need to sell a product that has been lying around for a while.
Your solution: A promo label

Some products are more popular than others. This is understandable. Shampoos sell fast, and shower gels are not so popular. What can you do? You need to organize a promotional event, and for that you will need to design a special labels.


Your No. 4 Goal: Your competitors are not wasting their time so you need to get your market niche, grab your share of store shelves and attention of shoppers.
Your solution: A promo label

You can get your clients involved in the life of your brand by offering freebies in thanks for their relying on you. The human factor will do its thing. If you can make customers feel important, valued and appreciated, their loyalty is yours. A promo label can become a bridge between an ordinary shopper and a loyal customer.

What Kinds of Promo Labels Are There?


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