A promo-label will get your product into your customers’ shopping carts. At OKIL-SATO, we guarantee it!

A promo-label is an indispensable advertising tool when you want to grab customers’ attention and ensure they focus on your product rather than others.

  • Task No. 1: Launch a new product onto the market and see whether it is in demand.

    Solution: Promo-label

Maybe you have a new product in your lineup, perhaps a deodorant smelling of Hollywood nights, spicy Mexican beer, a tiramisu-flavored lemonade, or something similar. Customers for sure know and appreciate your brand, but they’re accustomed to a certain taste and quality. How do you convince them to try, say, a new flavor of chip? Roquefort, perhaps. A promo-label is a suitable solution here.

  • Task No. 2: Fuel interest in the product/brand (especially before the holidays or during the high season).

    Solution: Promo-label

Long before Christmas or Black Friday(the New Year, March 8, September 1), make sure your customers haven’t forgot you, try to attract their attention. Invite your customers to participate in a raffle, a contest, or a charity event. A promo-label will save the day!

  • Task No. 3: You need to sell a batch of goods with expiring shelf life.

    Solution: Promo-label

Some goods sell like hot cakes, some are less popular. This is easily explained. Shampoos are easy to sell, but consumers are more reluctant to buy shower gel. What can you do? Organize a promotional activity with special labels.

  • Task No. 4: Competitors are quick off the mark; you need to secure your place in the market, on the shelf, and in the minds of your customers.

    Solution: Promo-label

Involve customers in the life of your brand, make gifts, thank them for their trust in you. Consumer goodwill is crucial. If the customer feels important, valued and significant, then they’ll become YOUR customer. And a promo-label will act as a bridge between you and YOUR customer.

Printing methods

The capacity of our printing house allows self-adhesive labels to be manufactured in large quantities. We work following the ISO 9001 quality management system, meaning that the quality of our printing meets the highest requirements and standards. We have our own regulatory quality control system that involves making special marks as part of our quality control system, which we use to monitor each stage of our process.

We stand for customer focus and innovation, tailoring our work to your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to share your creative ideas for your products’ labelling, we’ll do our best to implement them.


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