Labels DATAMATRIX & QR-code



DataMatrix is a two-dimensional matrix code representing black and white elements, usually in the form of a square. DataMatrix is designed to encoding text or data of other types. Currently DataMatrix is widely used in USAIS and Honest Sign systems.


QR code (Quick Response Code) is a type of matrix barcodes used for effective transfer of text and numerical data.


Bar code is a sequence of black and white bars representing some information in form comfortable for reading by technical means. Code information can be printed in readable form under code (interpretation).


Our typography OKIL-SATO manufactures both individual labels with any code type, including with unique encoded values for each label, any types of labels with unique codes integrated directly design of self-adhesive, in-mould, shrink sleeve, or roll-fed label.


Congratulations to customers and employees on the 26th anniversary of OKIL-SATO!

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