Flexo label printing

Flexographic printing is a method of letterpress direct rotary printing from elastic relief printing plates mounted on printing rolls of various diameters.

Using a roller in tandem with a scrape, rubber, or photopolymer plates with spaced-height printing areas are coated with UV-drying ink and transferred to the material to be printed. The use of low-viscosity inks helps avoid restrictions on the type of material, so flexo label printing can be used with various types of paper, cardboard, foil, polymer films, and self-adhesive materials of any type or thickness.

Flexible flexographic printing plates are easy to make. They have a very long lifespan, they can last up to 1 million prints. Label printing equipment for flexo printing can be equipped with die-cutting, cut-out, edge removal, hot stamping, lamination, UV varnishing, and stencil printing sections. This means that the entire process cycle can be implemented in one unit.