Shrink sleeve label


Shrink sleeve label – three in one

Shrink sleeve label comprehensively resolve a range of challenges that you face, both through our country’s legislation and the financial aspect of business.

  • Around the world there are strict requirements relating to packaging of food products. Russia is not excluded in this respect. It is extremely important to prevent the product from opening, additionally, there is a need to cover liquid levels inside the package. To resolve these issues, there is no alternative to using shrink sleeve label on your packaging.
  • Whether your packaging has a complex geometry or you want to enlarge your product line using the same packaging, or if you have a container with a minor defect, you will naturally decide to apply a shrink sleeve label.
  • In production, there is constantly a struggle to cut costs. This is echoed by competition on the market that, on the one hand, constantly requires a decrease in the product price and, on the other, increases requirements for the attractiveness of packaging. A shrink sleeve label not only allows you to cover product by hand, without investment in additional equipment, but also means that you can cover it with bright, attractive packaging that is new to the customer.

These are just some of the advantages. Where other technologies are powerless, shrink sleeve labels is the only solution.

Application of shrink sleeve labels

The environmental and functional characteristics of the film and paints allow shrink sleeve labels to be used on the widest range of goods: food products (including milk and baby food), alcohol, low-alcohol and soft drinks, beer, cosmetics, household chemicals and vehicle fuels, pharmacology.

Why choose shrink sleeve labels?


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