Digital label


The OKIL-SATO Company is today's market leader and has been actively working to introduce cutting edge digital printing technology for labels and flexible packaging. HP Indigo digital printing machines that make up the impressive OKIL-SATO office range of printing equipment are capable of completing a broad range of tasks, from printing high-quality colour proofing to producing a range of labels that vary in complexity, including custom-made and numbered labels. One of the key features of the company's technical policy is to guarantee compliance with digital industry requirements, namely, to work effectively with small orders and to minimize waste.

The digital technology is unique because:

  • it is fast – little time is needed to prepare and print the labels;
  • it provides high quality colour reproduction, which is controlled by the HP SmartStream Labels and Packaging print server, set up using designs by the EskoArtwork company, specifically for HP Indigo;
  • it allows 'from the file' printing, therefore removing the need to prepare print forms, helping to reduce costs;
  • it uses HP Indigo ElectroInk liquid ink, meaning that you can use the standard triАde inks as well as special mixes, including opaque white ink, which allows you to print on any materials, such as designer and textured materials;
  • it allows for the personalisation of data or, variable data printing, which is the printing of unique information on each label – individual text, individual bar codes and unique personalisation codes, the variable data can also be printed in colour;
  • can perform additional printing, when the need arises. 




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