Special label


Special labels. Nothing is impossible

OKIL-SATO’s printing office has huge experience of producing labels of different quality, composition and purpose. We have multifunctional equipment, our own patented technologies, scientific and technological resources that enable us to develop new printing procedures and methods. We will always find a way to print any quantity of original and non-standard labels in a fast, high-quality and cost-effective manner.

Special inks for special labels

To complete the unique tasks related to printing labels, we often use special ink with unique features:

  • Thermochromic ink with a pigment that changes colour from pigmented to clear and back as the temperature changes, and also thermochromic ink with a broader spectrum of capabilities, i.e. changing from one colour to another (e.g. green to red);
  • Luminescent ink with special pigments capable of storing luminous energy in the light and releasing the energy in the dark as luminescent text or pictures;
  • Fluorescent ink whose brightness distinguishes it from other types. Fluorescent ink reflects 2 or 3 times as much incident light as ordinary ink;
  • Ink containing capsules with special odours that help your products stand out by smelling of apples, raspberry, lemon, etc. (for foods, drinks, household chemicals) or perfume (for cosmetics).

Functional capabilities of the special labels

Complex cut shapes, availability of original printing technologies, special materials – products with such labels are seldom counterfeited. OKIL-SATO’s printing office has the necessary technological resources to satisfy any demands and print labels that offer unique opportunities. Each case is specific:

  • Numbered labels are often used with excise products, limited lots and also products offered within the framework of special campaigns;
  • Labels with unique marking ensuring anti-tamper security, where additional protection is required;
  • Removable labels (wash  off) for recycled containers (patented technology, a know-how of OKIL-SATO’s printing office);
  • Labels with text/an image back-printed over the adhesive-coated surface;
  • Labels with 3D-relief providing an intense visual and tactile experience (a know-how of OKIL-SATO’s printing office);
  • Labels additionally finished with decorative glitter lacquers making the packaging look festive and very smart;
  • High-adhesive labels resistant to corrosive environments. They are used primarily in chemical, petrochemical and automotive industries;
  • Labels that provide the perfect fit to any complex-shaped containers (shrink sleeve labels);
  • Labels performing, among other things, a special function of making a product stand out from its competitors (promo labels).




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