Label production for hookah industry

Due to the peculiarities and restrictions imposed by Russian legislation on labels of nicotine products, the development of such labels requires a particularly creative approach and non-standard marketing solutions.

OKIL-SATO specialists have extensive experience in developing such solutions. We’re always ready to help you distinguish yourselves from competitors while complying with legislation.

We can print everyhing:

  • no difference it’s a single label or millions;
  • from simple one-color labels to high-tech labels with any combination of printing methods (flexo, offset, stencil, gravure) and finishing processes (foil stamping, embossing, hologram).

OKIL-SATO offers label printing options for tobacco and nicotine products:

  • film-based self-adhesive labels (polyethylene, polypropylene) and paper;
  • in-mold labels;
  • digital printing, which allows labels to be printed in small runs for market research or promotional activities.

OKIL-SATO’s unique capabilities:

  • Application of special materials to allow segments to be torn off as necessary without using perforation;
  • Combined printing: digital + flexo + stencil + hot stamping, including personalized holograms;
  • Numbering, luminescent and ultraviolet inks, and anti-counterfeiting.