Flexible packaging


This is a type of flexible packaging. Essentially, it’s a bag with a bottom that allows the package to stand upright when filled. This kind of packaging can be made using various laminated materials, including an aluminum foil layer. This ensures the best protective properties for this type of packaging and gives the product a premium look. A DOYPACK can also include a zipper lock or easy lock, as well as handles or euroslot cut-outs. Shaped cut-outs are also an option.


A special type of packaging involving a sealed envelope bag with three seams: 1 lengthways and 2 on each side. Thanks to the films’ protective properties, flowpack packaging provides a good seal and helps preserve the products, and also gives your goods an attractive appearance. The three-seam bag is air-tight and protects the goods from moisture and other ambient factors.


These films are intended for the packaging of both food and non-food products on FLOWPACK, DOYPACK, and SACHET lines. Top cover films are used for sealing trays, vacuum packaging, and modified atmosphere packaging. Its distinctive features include its gloss and high transparency.

Printing methods

The capacity of our printing house allows self-adhesive labels to be manufactured in large quantities. We work following the ISO 9001 quality management system, meaning that the quality of our printing meets the highest requirements and standards. We have our own regulatory quality control system that involves making special marks as part of our quality control system, which we use to monitor each stage of our process.

We stand for customer focus and innovation, tailoring our work to your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to share your creative ideas for your products’ labelling, we’ll do our best to implement them.


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