Digital printing

The advantages of digital printing are obvious. Modern digital equipment produces colorful printing products with quality comparable to products made using offset or stencil (inkjet) printing. By using digital printing, you can handle a vast range of tasks in small and medium runs in the shortest possible time. Digital label printing can produce print runs with numbering, variable data, and personalized products.

The fact that digital printing does not use printing plates reduces the time spent in the prepress stage. This is especially important as the speed of the print run is often the most decisive factor when choosing printing methods for labels.

Digital labels can be printed not only on paper but also on plastic films and designer paper. What’s more, color proofs for digital labels can be made easily. Last but not least, digital printing opens up great opportunities when there is a need for additional print runs.

At OKIL-SATO, we offer digital printing for the production of self-adhesive labels, IML labels, shrink sleeve and wrap-around labels.

Digital printing provides consistent image quality with high resolution.