Printing methods


A constantly expanding capacity allows the OKIL-SATO printing house to be one step ahead of everybody else in the national polygraphic market. From investment availability to procurement of technologies and equipment, to the newest production lines and spacious areas adapted for the needs of polygraphy, not forgetting warehouse and transport logistics and own patent technologies — all of these factors give the OKIL-SATO printing house a serious advantage over both Russian and foreign competitors. It is no coincidence that OKIL-SATO is the first company that comes to mind when sticker manufacturers are considered.

In order to remain at the forefront of the polygraphic market, namely in sticker production, it is necessary to innovate constantly. OKIL-SATO uses exactly that kind of approach, and is often the first Russian company to install the most modern polygraphic equipment.

Printing methods
Printing methods
Printing methods

Our printing house possesses facilities of all types. They include:


Sticker printing is available in combination with any type of finish: lamination; perforation; relief; cold and hot foil embossing; personalisation of stickers by application of variable information (serial numbers and codes); and other finishing process.

Sticker production in the modern world is carried out in various ways, each of which has its plus points. Flexographic polygraphy has high print run resistance and is used for large print runs; screen printing allows the creation of tactile three-dimensional images; relief printing is characterised by excellent detailing and is suitable for reconstruction of bright, rich, discrete images; intaglio printing guarantees the identity of all prints and stays within budget; offset printing perceptibly reduces the process; for digital printing, designer types of paper may be used as well as layer and other materials. Label printing may vary completely according to the tasks that need resolving. At OKIL-SATO company, the price of label printing positively corresponds to the quality of manufactured products.

OKIL-SATO company’s specialists constantly study and analyse the process of label production, as well as movements in adjacent markets. They participate in exhibitions, use their own experience and try to implement the best ideas of partners and customers. Combining information flows and different technologies, OKIL-SATO creates and implements its own methods of label production. That is why we are proud to offer you the best quality label printing at the most enticing prices.

We are sure that OKIL-SATO will be your first port of call for any type of label production!


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