Flexography - is a printing process of letterpress direct rotary printing from relief flexible printing plates mounted on printing rollers of various diameter.

A ink reel is moving in from tank to an anilox reel that has a capacity of holding a specified amount of ink. Next the ink is transffered to the rubber or photopolimer relief printing plates. Then the ink goes to the material and is dryed by UF rays. Usage of low viscosity ink allows to print on almost any material, for this reason floxgraphy is suitable for various paper type, cardboard, foils, polimer films, self-adhesive materials of different types and thiknesses.

Flexible plates are easy in production. They are remarkable for their high durabulity - up to 1 mln prints. The flexo printing machines are easily equiped with die cutting, matrix removers, hot and cold stamping, lamination, UF varnishing, screen thus making it possible to have the full production cycle in one machine.



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