Digital printing


Advantages of digital printing are evident. Modern digital equipment allows to produce bright polographical products qualitiwise close to offset printing. With digital printing you can make prints with numbers, variable data or personification. The choice of digital printing method makes it possible to tackle the challenges posed by large assortments when handling limited and standard printing runs under tight deadlines.

Digital printing, which makes it possible to fabricate labels in small runs for promotional campaigns conducted for the purposes of market research. 

The digital technology is unique – little time is needed to prepare and print the labels. Lack of printing plates significently cuts prepress time.

Digital printing is suitable not only for paper, but also for polimer films, texture papers.  

Making print probes is easy and it goes without saying that matching for censequtive print run is increadible. 

OKIL-SATO offers digital printing services for the fabrication of IML-labels. Digital printing ensures the consistent quality of high-resolution images, while the use of HP ElectroInk, boasting maximum pigmentation and good flow characteristics, guarantees the wear-resistant application of graphics to IML–materials (polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester). 


Digital printing


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