Bottle labels

What’s the difference, in the advertising sense, between the market for alcoholic beverages and the other markets in which label products are used?

You might say that it lies in the sheer expense and originality of the labels and the range of technology involved – and you would be right. But there’s another big difference – the flood of counterfeit goods that can and must be combatted. All you need to win the fight is to use the original bottle labels offered by OKIL-SATO printers.

The market’s second distinguishing factor is its high level of competition – a problem that can be solved just as effectively by using label products of the appropriate quality.

The bottle labels, stickers and collars produced by OKIL-SATO are reliably protected against counterfeiting and represent the “highest form” of printing art.

We have mastered the secrets of the application of original and traditional finishing technologies that make it possible to create products ideally-suited to the needs of a given client. OKIL-SATO bottle labels are used by companies in Moscow and other Russian cities to identify and promote their products.

Bottle labels offered by OKIL-SATO



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