Perfumes and cosmetics - are usually stored in a humid environment and often are subject to water contact. This is why it's very important that the labels stick strong to the bottle even in a wet environment and the image doesn't fade, but remains bright and attractive.

For cosmetics label production we use waterresistant inks, special materials and technologies. They allow our poduct to remain reliable and attractive during the whole life of the shampoo or any other personal care product.

Labels for perfume and cosmetics must frequently contain a high volume of information on ingredients and product-application methods.  In cases where there isn’t a lot of space for the text, we suggest that clients take advantage of our extra options – using stickers, peel-off labels, multi-layer labels or labels with printing on the reverse adhesive side. 

The success of this approach is evidenced by the fact that cosmetics with OKIL-SATO labels can be found on the shelves of virtually any store in Russia. 


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Label fabrication for the hookah industry

Hookah Exhibition 2021 (Hookah Club Show) in St. Petersburg