Automotive Chemicals

OKIL-SATO Labels for Automotive Chemicals: Resounding Victory over the Competition

Automotive chemicals are often stored in unheated, less-than-sanitary or humid areas of warehouses, service stations, garages, and car washes. Oils, paints and other related chemicals have a destructive impact on all kinds of labeled packaging. In order to preserve the marketable condition of a product label – despite environmental impact and physical damage – the first step is deciding which label to choose, selecting the right adhesive base, and applying the appropriate additional means of finishing and protection.

The specialists at OKIL-SATO Company stand ready to provide you with the optimum solution for producing and printing your label for automotive chemicals. We will ensure that it strikes the right price/quality balance while remaining as protected as possible.



Invitation to the exhibition “PRODEXPO 2019” (Moscow)

OKIL-SATO wishes all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

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