What Kinds of Promo Labels Are There


There are many ways to increase the ad area of the promo label: by adding an internal layer under the sticker, on the back side of the label, a folded booklet or ribbon label, bottleneck hangers, etc. In addition to information on the company or product, the promo label can include recipes, interesting stories, event invites, random prizes, etc.
Let us discuss the possibilities promo labels provide in more detail:

Sticker with Scratch Layer

Sticker with Scratch Layer

Used for prize drawings and special events. Such labels create psychological motivation, encouraging unplanned purchases, and increasing the urge to buy. The customer becomes involved in the brand: he or she not only purchases the item, but finds out about the company, visits the website and often even gets a logo-bearing gift – an identifying marker.


Booklets, Ribbons and Multi-Layer Labels

These types of labels are appropriate when customers need to get lots of information: detailed descriptions of new products, promotional events, the legend behind the product or its history, recommendations or advice, or even perhaps a joke. The promo label can be separated from the main label, opened be extended, unwound, reeled off, etc.


Coupon (detachable) promo label

Coupon (detachable) promo label

A coupon-type promo label is the ideal promotion tool. A coupon label can easily be detached from the product and without affecting the integrity of the main label. Such labels attract customers’ attention to promotional events; coupons can contain customer surveys or serve as application forms. A coupon label can have an additional glued on layer or several perforated coupons on a single sheet.


Image promo label

This kind of label can be used for promoting your company’s image. The shape can be unique and the design unusual. An image promo label can include additional parts: hangers, tools, peculiar shapes, etc. The main advantages of image labels are their catchy attractiveness, style, fanciness or simplicity.


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