What distinguishes automotive-chemical labels from other labels?


Film-based labels as the best way to keep the can looking brand-new

The most popular choice for automotive chemicals is the film-based self-adhesive label. Film-based labels preserve their appearance and useful properties longer and are therefore successfully used with car-care products, on which paper labels would soak through and tear. Film-based self-adhesive labels are reliable, cost-effective and easy to use, making it possible to solve most labeling challenges.

Labels for automotive chemicals – stuck on “for good”

The production of self-adhesive labels for automotive chemicals involves the use of materials containing special glue, which provide a number of benefits:

  • Glues resistant to corrosive environments that preserve their useful properties in case of being splashed/soaked through with leaking automotive chemicals;
  • Glues with advanced adhesive properties that ensure good adhesion to packaging with unfinished surfaces. The glue is capable of adhering the label securely to dusty, soiled or rough packaging, as well as tooil-saturated packaging with a high silicone content.

Labelprotection: varnishing, lamination and other types of finishing

Some types of finishing not only make it possible to enhance the visual appeal of the label – making it look brighter and more attractive – but also provide the additional protection required by automotive-chemical goods. Special varnishing, foil-stamping and lamination technologies help protect the upper layer of paint. Accidentally-spilled chemical solutions, oils or solvents will not seriously damage the label or ruin the appearance of packaging. Your merchandise will remain presentable and eye-catching under any conditions.


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