OKIL-SATO URAL has completed repairing buildings and renovating offices


Interior repairs are not only problematic and troublesome, but also bring the satisfaction of renovation, plans and hopes for the future in new comfortable and beautiful interiors. A stylish and comfortable office is something without which a successful company image is simply not possible. We have formed 1,000 square meters of creative space for staff and company guests. The first floor premises have been arranged to make the work of company specialists as convenient as possible; the floor plan includes a locker room and a cafeteria. The work that has been done on the premises will create optimally comfortable conditions for our staff. New conditions will help them meet the needs of the Department at an even higher level of quality.

The result is quite good: there are areas for productive work, and areas for meeting with clients and partners. Browse the photos to see the final result.


New finishing machine for digital printing

Badminton Competitions 2019 (april)

Invitation to the exhibition "RosUpack 2019" (Moscow)