In-mould labels


Whichever packaging you are using – from tea and coffee cups to oil canisters, from yogurt boxes to mayonnaise tubs, from ice-cream containers to flowerpots – the standards and quality of decoration have increased tremendously thanks to technology that applies labels during the making of polymeric products.

Depending on intended use, the in-mould label can perform different tasks – but its prime function is to help sell the product and encourage consumers to return for more mayonnaise, cheese, ice-cream, canned goods or even a children’s plastic table. Any product composed of polymer raw materials (PP, PE, PS, PET and others) can be decorated with an in-mould label.

OKIL-SATO Enterprise has all of the necessary technological capabilities and production capacities to meet the needs of Russian polymer tare manufacturers, both in terms of requirements for IMLs and of production volumes. A high degree of manufacturing equipment interchangeability guarantees stable deliveries of in-mould labels.

Our clients include many international companies that have high requirements for production methods and the safety of labels that they order. Our main goals are to provide IMLs to the Russian market, eliminate intervention of foreign market players and work continuously to develop new products.

The OKIL-SATO Printing Office uses raw materials and equipment from leading European manufacturers to make labels, including IMLs, thus allowing the implementation of complete production cycles. The enterprise also has a laboratory in which manufactured products’ consumer characteristics are analysed.

Depending on application, production volume and other client requirements, IMLs can be made using the following printing methods:

The market is waiting - OKIL-SATO Company offers:

  • Competent technological support for IMLs manufactured by OKIL-SATO Company;
  • We use safe consumables and raw materials that can be used in food packaging;
  • We set reasonable and competitive prices and terms of delivery.

Our goals are:

  • to interest food manufacturers in using these technologies to mark their products;
  • to encourage polymer raw material processors to choose in-mould labeling for their decorative purposes.

We are ready to promote the product, which is new to Russia, and provide technological support for the delivery of in-mould labels.

The advantages of IML technology are clear – for product manufacturers and end users alike:

  • Longevity and Practicality: In-mould labels are highly resistant to mechanical, chemical, thermal and lighting influences. Products with such labels will have long lives; they will not lose their attractive appearance and the label will never wear off.
  • Sustainability and Safety: The product and the label consist of the same polymer raw materials and can be easily reprocessed. They can be safely used in food packaging and around the house.
  • Attractiveness and Uniqueness: Packaging and products decorated through IML technology are more attractive to consumers (buyers) in their presentation on the shelf. They allow the manufacturer to gain a competitive advantage on the market.
  • Protection and Branding: The in-mould label provides protection against counterfeit products and makes products recognizable to consumers.

We think in the language of our clients, which plays an important role in our partnerships.


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