Flexible packaging



It is the type of flexible package, which is a bag with a bottom that allows the package to stand upright when it filled in. The package is formed from different varieties of laminations, including using of aluminum foil as one of the layers. It provides the highest degree of barrier properties for that packing type, moreover it attached premium look to it. The Doy-Pack can be supplemented by the clasp for the multiple opening like a zip-lock or easy-lock, while also it might be accompanied by the die-cut in the form of a Euroslot or handle. The figured die-cut is possible as well.


Especial type of package, which is a sealed cover-pack and has three seams: one longitudinal and two transverse. Due to the barrier properties of films, flow-pack package provides good tightness and safety of products, also it gives to the goods an attractive appearance. Three-seam package is sealed and protects the product from moisture and other environmental factors.


These films are using for packaging food and non-food products on the FLOWPACK, DOYPACK, and SACHET lines. They are used for hermetic seal tray, vacuum-packing, MGM pack (modified gas medium). The distinctive features are the gloss and the high optical transmission.

Examples of implementation


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