SATO Values




Our mission is to create new value for our customers through products and services of superior quality, and contribute towards a better and more sustainable world.

  • The company is a public entity. Our mission is to enrich lives as we contribute to the development of a sustainable world.
  • We strive to deliver products and services of superior quality, and create value that improves our customers’ business.
  • We make decisions always asking ourselves if what we do creates customer value.





We aim to be the leader and most trusted company in the Auto-ID solutions industry worldwide, exceeding customer expectations in an ever-changing world.

  • We «tag» information to goods through our core business creating value for our customers (and their customers) that ensures accuracy and sustainability, saves labor and resources, offers reassurance and builds emotional connections.
  • We aim to maximize the company’s value (both tangible and intangible), which we measure not by company size but by the trust of our customers and stakeholders.





We inspire changes, new ideas, and the courage of promoting customer-centric innovation in the spirit of Ceaseless Creativity.

  • We stand on our corporative motto of Ceaseless Creativity to build up on small changes and creative ideas that produce customer-centric innovation.
  • We rejoice in change, choosing not to maintain the status quo.
  • We never rest on our laurels or on common practices; we welcome new, innovative ideas and pursue new challenges, valuing action and effort over outcome.


We seek to be true professionals by constantly striving to exceed the expectations of our customers.

  • True professionalism is about staying focused on our customer’s needs. We constantly strive to exceed their expectations, and demonstrate commitment and uncompromising integrity in our work.
  • We provide solutions that exceed customer expectations by visiting customer sites to identify needs, developing knowledge, and gathering new information and experience from within and outside the company.


We see things as they are, and do the right thing right away.

  • We will always be honest and objective enough to see things as they really are.
  • We keep our actions free of self-interests. We will not rationalize things in our favor, not turn away from what needs to become.
  • We do what needs to be done with a sense of urgency.


We show respect for all individuals, extend trust to each other, and work together as one cohesive team.

  • We respect each other as individuals and help one other improve our abilities, as we believe that better individuals make a better company.
  • We trust that employees are good and moral. As we believe that individual capabilities and results build professional trust, we encourage open and direct communication to improve ourselves as professionals.
  • We form strong teams with mutual respect, placing the right people on right jobs. We cooperate toward achieving what is in the best interest of the entire company.


We enable a vibrant and open-minded workplace, eliminating the formalities that cause «Big Company Disease».

  • We take extra precautions Big Company Disease – a state in which a company is bureaucratic, formality-ridden, slow to act and apathetic.
  • We aspire to build a vibrant and open-minded workplace that is challenging, inspiring, and enjoyable to work in.
  • Early detection is essential to preventing Big Company Disease. We encourage employees to not conceal problems and rather point out issues so what we can correct them as soon as possible.


We share the returns from our business with our four stakeholders, employees, society and the company.

  • Shareholders: Pay dividends. Increase share prices and raise shareholders value.
  • Employees: Offer opportunities for professional growth and competitive compensation and benefits.
  • Society: Deliver value to our customers and contribute to society through our main business.
  • Company: Retain profits for future business investments and the company’s growth.


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