Since 1935 when Richard Stenton Avery invented self-adhesive label, it has passed a long way from a simple sticker to a complicated printing art product and one of the most important tools for promoting  products. In our country production of self-adhesive labels was started in early 90s of the previous century when offset printed wet glue label dominated in the market. Fast growth of FMCG markets provided high packaging standards which could be met only by a self-adhesive labes printed in UV inks, with a wide range of materials to be used from semi gloss paper to crystal clear films as well as designer papers.

OKIL was started in 1995. Acquisition of 4 colored flexo Nilpeter in 1998 afforded the company to find it's way into the self-adhesive market.

Crises of 1998 gave a strong boost to production development within Russia causing immense rise of demand on the self-adhesive label market. Competitors were few but very strong. To gain success OKIL had to offer a unique set of servicies, allowing quality and complex solution of any task related to self-adhesive label production. For that reason we aquired most modern poligraphical equipment, created an efficient sales system and developed a meticulous quality provision system.

Success gave way to geographical expansion. First branch was strated on Moscow, later we got offices in Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Veliky Novgorod, Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. Since that time the history of OKIL is constant modernisation and implementation of innovative poligraphcal technologies.



We are waiting for you in Moscow at the exhibition "RosUpack 2021"

Label fabrication for the hookah industry

Hookah Exhibition 2021 (Hookah Club Show) in St. Petersburg