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OKIL-SATO is  the leader in self-adhesive label production with approximately 20% share of Russia's self-adhesive label market.

OKIL-SATO found itself in a strong leading position sustainably following the principles of orientation to customer, technological perfection and stability.

Currently primary machinery encounters over two dozens units representing most recent technological achivements from all over the world. With their innovativeness and exclusivity of printing technology combinations we can provide best set of services. Due to great opportunities our professionals can start new ways of printing labels in a very short time. 

OKIL-SATO constantly expands and improves its product variety. Multilayer labels, leaflet labels, labels with protective inks and personalisation, labels with combination of printing technologies are just a part of recently started products.

Thanks to constant study of world markets and high investments into research OKIL-SATO became a holder of some patented technologies. Among them are : patent in promo-labels, exclusive agreement in self-adhesive material production and also some "know-how".

OKIL-SATO is the first printing house that started printing self-adhesive beer labels in Russia and is one of the worlds printing houses that have a patent for production of wash off film labels.

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