Shrink sleeve label — polygraphic panacea


In order not to overburden you with unnecessary technical information, let us lay out the advantages of shrink sleeve labels:

  • Ability to close package completely;
  • Ability to provide a perfect customised fit for a label, on even the most complex form of package;
  • Ability to perform group packaging of several products;
  • The photographic quality of a label is achieved through the OKIL-SATO printing house’s rotoengraving printing method (deep printing);
  • Ability to produce and print an ultra-low number of copies;
  • Ability to put a label on a container packaging without the requirement for additional labelling equipment;
  • Provision of additional packaging protection;
  • Warranty for safety of label at different temperatures and humidities;
  • Ability to launch a new product line without changing packaging;
  • Ability to use ultraviolet, thermochrome, aromatised colours, as well as gold or silver embossing (for which special thermostable paints are used), application of nacreous paints, glossy and matt varnishes.


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