On April 13 OKIL Company will celebrate its 19th anniversary


On April 13 OKIL-SATO Company will celebrate its 19th anniversary.

On April 13, 2014, OKIL Company will celebrate its 19th anniversary

This is a respectable age for a company, and it entitles OKIL to declare its achievements openly and look back at its history with pride. And yet, this is too short a lifespan to stop working on improving and becoming the leader on the market—the best and the most innovative company.

The company is young and full of energy and ambitions. We have achieved much due to our hard work, the application of our knowledge and skills in practice, our trials and errors. Today we are confident that at OKIL we have a bright and long journey ahead of us, since we have already passed the most serious test, the test of time. We built our business from scratch, overcoming all difficulties and crises, looked for and found our own way, tried new things, took risks and achieved success.

Dear friends, colleagues and associates! Thank you for supporting us! Together we will be able to achieve what today seems absolutely impossible. We have lots and lots of work ahead of us. Happy birthday, OKIL!

Denis Okulov,
General Director


Invitation to the exhibition "RosUpack 2018"

Invitation to “ProdExpoPack 2018“

We invite you to meet us in the city of Krasnodar city